Loving the Holiday Questions

Now we know this may sound a bit strange... but we love answering emails from customers who have questions. 

Here's why - those people are almost always asking about items because they want to give them as gifts! How cool is that? We think it's a great thing that so many people think the leather items we make are worth giving to somebody else during Christmas and the Holidays!

Now, you would expect that since we are known for our holsters that those items would be at the top of the list. Sure, several have been shipped and some are being made. But, the big items this Christmas early shopping season seems to be something as far away from holsters that you could think of.

So, in order to help with some of the questions from customers we decided to post this blog with the theme - The TOP BIG THREE ITEMS!

BIG SELLER ONE - Leather Cast Iron Skillet Holder.

We know... Right! Don't get us wrong - we love cast iron cooking as much as the next person but these handmade leather holders for Cast Iron skillets are flying out at a rapid pace! You can choose between Hand dyed, Rustic Brown, or vegtan brown or vegtan black. The Rustic Brown is pictured. It's our own dye that we use on our classic Western holsters.

BIG SELLER TWO - Leather Coaster Sets!

Yep - Leather Coasters! Now - to be honest - we had an order for a bunch of these that powered it into the number two spot for holiday sales. But, following that order - there have been a pretty good number of folk picking up several of these for gifts. The questions we get are generally along the lines of "do these really work well as coasters?" The answer to that is "Heck yea they do!"

BIG SELLER THREE - Classic Leather Lanyard

The E.H. Campbell Classic Leather Lanyard is the anchor of the the list! We've been packing these bad boys up and shipping them out like crazy! They are a pretty popular item here on our main site and on our ETSY store. People seem to love them!

Those are some of the items that customers are grabbing heading into the Christmas and Holiday season. Hope the info helps!


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