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1.5 Pounds of Leather Strings and Strips - Farmers Repair Kit, Leather Strings, Lace,

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This listing is for 1.5 pounds of scrap leather strips, string and lace in varied colors as shown.

These pieces would be perfect for assorted crafts and hobbies, day camp art projects, and more.

Here's what we do. We stuff as many pieces into the USPS Padded Envelope. It averages between 1.25 to 1.75 pounds - so we say 1.5 pounds as an average. Shipping for the envelope is $7.95.

We stuff large freezer bags full of pieces as we go, then use those to fill orders.

Will consist mostly of vegetable tanned strips, drum dyed, latigo, English tan, black latigo leather and more.

- Cut from Scrap Leather
- Colors vary
- Lengths will vary, mostly over 10 inches, a few shorter pieces as we pull from the string bin.
- Most will average 12", 36", 60", just depends.
- Widths vary slightly from 1/8" to just under 1/4"
- Colors vary - depending on what we're building in the shop.