SALE! 2.5 Pounds Scrap Leather Craft pieces, remnants, for crafts, jewelry making, camp, hobbies, leather working, 2.5 to 3 inch Pieces

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This listing is for 2.5 / 2 1/2 pounds of cut leather pieces in varied colors as shown. The pieces average being about 2 1/2 inches long by about an inch wide. Some smaller and some bigger.

PLEASE NOTE: Ally and I will be away from the shop the week of Labor day. That's Labor Day Monday until the following Monday. September 2nd - September 11th.
Feel free to place an order if you wish, we will knock things out ASAP when we get back. Delivery times listed on our items are on hold from September 2nd - September 11th.
Thanks for your understanding.

These pieces would be perfect for assorted crafts and hobbies, day camp art projects, and more.

We pack the pieces into large heavy duty freezer bags. One bag holds just over 2 1/2 pounds. So, please note that this listing is for ONE bag. I show two so you could have a better idea how 2 1/2 pounds looks and how many pieces you'll get. I can't give a count on pieces because it's never the same.

- Rough cut edges.
- Real leather cowhide, sourced in the USA at our nearby tannery.
- No dyes or coating added here at our shop.
- Colors vary, mostly browns, tans, black, natural as shown.
- Some have veins, nicks, scratches, etc, while most are clean.
- Medium to Heavy thickness ranging from 4/5 to 6/7 ounce pieces.
- May include a few 12/13 ounce pieces - not many.
- Perfect for tooling and stamping - note - Black pieces vary on tooling ability.
- No suede or upholstery type leather.

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