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Yeti and Tervis Western Leather Rein Style Cup

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How about a little Classic Americana with your Yeti or Tervis Tumbler.

The E.H. Campbell Cowboy Leather Handle fits both Yeti and Tervis Tumblers! Our handles are handmade in the USA - East Tennessee! The Design is actually a shortened version of vintage style western horse reins

The Handle fits both:
  • Yeti 30 ounce Rambler Tumbler.
  • Tervis 24 ounce Tumbler
The rein design is vintage for an old school western and Americana look that many of our customers enjoy! That means - not every cut is the same, the edge color is rough to give the look that the leather was cut and worked years ago... by a cowboy... on a long drive.

The leather we us is locally sourced from an East Tennessee tannery, hand cut, rustic edged and dyed with our own custom brown dye. Color varies slightly from handle to handle because every cow is different.

The design features Chicago Screws and the same glue used to build saddles and tack for professional bull riders. This handle is build to last!

Please note that Tervis, Yeti, and the Steelers are registered trademarks. Purchase does not include tumblers.

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