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Mother May Vintage Folk Country Guitar Strap

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The Whitaker Leather custom "Mother May" wrap-around-guitar strap is for lovers of classic country, folk and Americana music. Our strap is inspired by the country, folk and Americana musicians of the past. One of those is Maybelle Carter!

The strap is designed to replicate the classic extra-long leather straps used by early guitar players such as Maybelle Carter and others

  • Adjustable
  • Brown or Black leather
  • Choose lined or unlined
  • Reinforced knob holes and ends.
  • Choose knob holes for locking systems or Holes with slits for traditional guitar knobs.

Maybelle Carter and her family are legends! She revolutionized the way modern guitar players... play. She used her fingers to play both a rhythm guitar and a bass line at the same time.

The Mother May custom leather strap reproduces the same style used by musicians of this era. The strap is extra long, includes a buckle for easy adjustment and your choice of black or brown leather.

The strap wraps around your guitar and body for a secure hold in a manner similar to the Carter Classic. Adjustable using buckle - similar to a thin belt - and the knob holes on each end.

Maybelle Carter is shown above using her long strap while singing with the Carter Sisters.

Whitaker leather does not have any association with the Carter family. This product is not endorsed by any member of the Carter family. The mentioning, and images of Maybelle Carter, here, is for historical reference only. The strap is of our own design inspired by the strap used by the musician mentioned above.

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