Leather Mud Flaps for Vintage Bicycles

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Pair of hand crafted leather mud flaps for new or vintage bicycles - With E.H. Campbell and Personalized Free with up to three initials!

The E.H. Campbell Trading Co Bicycle Leather Mud Flaps include a pair of Heavy Duty Leather mud flaps that are hand cut one pair at a time from 15/16 ounce thick artisan locally sourced Southern cowhides. Each flap is sealed with a protective leather coating for added protection and wear.

Choose How You Want Us to Custom Make Your Flaps!
Each Pair is cut from leather when you order them. Not cookie cutter produced! Here's the info Ally and I need when you order.

COLORS - Choose from light, medium, Brown, and Black. Just let us know.

FREE - Personalized with 3 Letters. Stamped in the leather, above logo, on the back flap . Just let us know the letters.

YOUR CHOICE ON HOLES! - Many customers request that the holes be left off so they can match them perfectly to their bikes. Or, you can pick two holes side by side - or two holes stacked - your preference. Check out the picks -Shows both versions between front and back. Just let me know.

TAB WIDTH - The tabs - top part with holes that attaches to fenders - are cut to 2 1/2 inch width. If you need them wider, or with a shorter width to fit your bike - Just let us know.

THICK OR THIN: Let me know if you plan on mounting the flaps inside or outside of your fenders as pictured. Here's why. Our mud flaps are custom made from really thick leather sides that are used in high-end - heavy duty - western saddle making. We will thin the leather if you are planning on mounting them between the tire and the fender .

Here's how thickness works in western saddle, tack, and holster making. Leather thickness is measured in "ounces." Our flaps are cut from 14/15/16 ounce sides. That equals a thickness of about 1/4 of an inch. If you need them thinner - Just let me know.
COMES WITH - 1 Back Flap, 1 Front Flap, 4 Chicago aka Post insert Screw Sets, and 4 leather washers which are not shown on my wife's bike. You'll need to drill pilot holes into the fender.
A NOTE ABOUT LEATHER: We use locally sourced, artisan leather. Each piece will be different from the other - and will vary slightly pictured here. Every hide has characteristics that individually personalize each product. We've never met a cow that does not like rubbing against trees, posts, and fences. There may be small marks, dings, blemishes, and vein/fat marks, and the occasional brand mark. That what real leather looks like. Don't worry - we don't ship the really ugly pieces!