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Leather Lanyard With Western Rein Style Knot End

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The E.H. Campbell Trading Company Leather Lanyard With Western Rein Style Knot End celebrates the wild west! The lanyard has a clean and classic look, is hand crafted from American Latigo leather, and features a western knot style that's common with hand crafted equine tack equipment. This style of securing leather dates back in the "old West" when sewing and metal fasteners were not always an option.

  • The leather straps are hand cut from premium leather and secured with a Western Horse Rein style knot system.
  • The lanyard measures approx 23 - 24 inches including snap.
  • The snap is 1 3/4 inches long.
  • Made from American Latigo leather.
  • Each lanyard is cut by hand from real leather, from real cows, so pictures may vary slightly from finished lanyards.
  • Each side of leather is different - colors vary, some have nicks and bites.
  • Each lanyard is made by us - right here in the USA.
  • Keys not included.