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Leather Coasters Personalized Free 4 or 6 Piece Set, Made in the USA! Re-purposed Artisan Leather, Christmas Gift, Father's Day, Groomsmen

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Personalized Free - Up to Three Letters

The E.H. Campbell Cowboy Leather Drink Coaster four, six, and eight piece sets are handmade right here in the USA!

Here's what you get:

Four, six, or eight leather coasters.
Slide on and slide off Latigo holding strap.
Each coaster measures 3 5/8 Sq.
Hand cut and hand grooved.
Hand stamped.

Colors: Black and Brown - Since we use pieces of remaining leather from our other projects there are often several version of brown available.

You can choose - Black or Brown. However, since the brown may vary - let us know in your order notes if you would prefer a darker brown or lighter brown. If no, we'll just pick the prettiest brown available.

PERSONALIZED FREE: The coasters come with the E.H. Campbell Logo on the front unless you provide the three letters you want stamped onto them. Just put the info in the order notes.

We use real American Sourced artisan leather! The same kind of leather used in high-end western, and pro rodeo, saddle making.

Please note that this leather is from real cows - some may have scratches, bug bites, the occasional brand, and color may vary slightly between coasters because every cow is different.

Also: These are not perfect square cut... because they are cut by hand... and truth be told... we may have used our own coasters a bit too much last night.