Leather Beer Holster with Opener Perfect Gift, Christmas, Oktoberfest, Father's Day

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Perfect for your cold beverage and complete with vintage style bottle opener! Made from real leather! Comes in Black - which is the most popular, Brown, Light Brown, or Rustic Split Leather. Finished with cowboy saddle making rivets, leather strings. Heck - we even toss in an old school style bottle and paint can opener for good measure.

NOTE: Cowboy Rustic Split leather (Shown in several Pictures) is currently unavailable.

We use the same tools on these beer holsters that we do when we make holsters for Colt 45 Peacemakers to western tack. No patterns from a hobby shop. Each holster is made from hand cut leather and held in together with the same tough rivets used in saddle and tack making.

Now, we're not saying you can bust a bronc or cut a few seconds off your barrel racing with this beer holster... but you can hold a beer nicely while you work the grill at the tailgate or just style while mowing grass.

Simply slide your belt through the loop and hold your bottle in place while you take care of important things like grilling some burgers, brats, or steaks, or roasting marshmallows!

SHIPPING IS VIA USPS PADDED PRIORITY MAIL ENVELOPE. One fits perfectly in that size package. If you need more than one contact me for shipping multiples.

Contact me if you need several for your office party etc.

Made in the USA