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Handmade Leather Tool Pocket Protector

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Work Tough! Laying barbwire, Shoeing Horses, Sawing Timber... Replanting Ferns? Do it right with the E.H. Campbell Trading Company Leather Pocket Tool belt - Leather Pocket Protector.

Designed to protect your back pocket and keep your essential tools at hand! The E.H. Campbell Leather Pocket Protector keeps tools protected and your pocket rip free from sharp tools.

Colors: Choose from Light Brown, Brown, and Black. Colors vary.
Size: 5 inch wide and 4 1/2 inch wide.

- Made from the same USA / East Tennessee Sourced leather used in Western Saddles.
- Hand cut from pieces of durable 6/7 oz. Leather.
- Sewn with Double Stitch - Same as our Colt 45 Peacemaker Holsters.
- Choose from Light Brown, Brown, and Black
- Measures approximately 5x7 inches overall, and fits most standard men's back pockets.
- Made in the USA - East Tennessee, home of the Saddle Capital of the World.

Leather comes from real cows and WILL VARY from one piece to another. Every piece of leather is different.

We recycled materials, shredded paper etc, for packing. We strive for Zero waste with leather and other supplies.

Hand made to order!