Minimalist Leather Wallet - No. 101
Minimalist Leather Wallet - No. 101
Minimalist Leather Wallet - No. 101

Minimalist Leather Wallet - No. 101

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The Whitaker Leather / E.H. Campbell No, 101 Minimalist Style Double or Single Sided Minimal Leather Wallet is hand crafted from premium leather locally sourced from right here in Tennessee.

Our minimal leather wallet design can be made double or Single sided and fits several things such as foldin' money, business cards, and credit or debit cards. It's perfect for front pocket or rear. Grab it for regular use or when you need something a bit less bulky than a regular wallet.

Finished "rustic" style burnished edges!

  • Hand Cut
  • Hand Punched
  • Hand Sewn using waxed saddle thread
  • Hand Stamped logo
  • Hand dyed using our own dyes.
  • Hand polished followed by adding a protective coating.

Each wallet has it's own character, nicks, wrinkles, and imperfections due to the nature of the leather and our custom dyes.

Fit is tight at first - but leather will loosen slightly for extra cash and cards. We suggest that you try your best to not overfill the wallet to maintain tight fit.

Leather varies from brownish to redish depending on leather dying process.

NOTE: DOUBLE SIDED SHOWN - Select from single or double sided.

Made in the USA.

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