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Bottle Wrench

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The Bottle Wrench is the manliest bottle opener you'll ever own!

  • This is not some cheap plastic replica shaped to look like a wrench, each Bottle Wrench starts out as a 100% metal working man's wrench and then was hand formed to rip off bottle caps. 
  • The Bottle Wrench makes a great gift for any lucky guy. Each one comes fully wrapped just like in the photo ready to give for a birthday, wedding gifts for groomsmen, Father's Day, or just because. 
Like most great ideas, the Bottle Wrench came out of a problem. Being tired of having to use the wife's wine bottle opener to crack a cold one the decision was made to come up with something tougher, stronger, and manlier. A few hours later the original Bottle Wrench was born and there was much rejoicing.  An amazing bottle opener after enjoying a “few” beverages.

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