Campus Rep Program


First we start with a test on who actually reads this information. A quick heads up! Scroll down for what to include in your reply. We will probably avoid replies that simply read... "Hey, I want to Rep you guys! Party on!" We have some specific questions for future reps.

We'are looking for men, and women, to join our rep program. We’re looking for leaders, scholars, athletes, and those who enjoy Vintage Americana. 

We aren’t looking for salesmen to simply sell our products; we’re looking for campus reps who understand the essence of who we are as a company and can promote that to their friends... without being overbearing. We’re seeking those who embody what the E.H. Campbell Trading Company brand stands for. Style, Americana, Vintage, Classic, and hold to traditional values no matter where you came from. Treat people right!

As a E.H. Campbell Trading Company rep, you will have the opportunity to develop invaluable business skills in marketing, personal selling, social networking for business, corporate branding and networking. This should not be considered a full time job opportunity.

We are looking for:
- Lead on-campus clubs and organizations
- Thrive in social settings
- Are self-starters and initiators
- Can organize, set up, and manage events on campus
- Have a passion for the outdoors

Info to include - Ahhh, the test!
Please include as much info as you can or fell comfortable with.

  • Legal Name: First and Last
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Age
  • College/University
  • Expected Year of Graduation
  • Mailing Address

Q: Do you like the great outdoors and do you spend time enjoying it? Running in a park, quiet afternoon reading under a tree, outdoor events, Camping, hiking, fishing, riding, fishing, painting? Anything you like to do outside.

Q: What current and past leadership roles have you held?

Q: If chosen, how would you promote the E.H. Campbell Trading Company brand on your campus?

Q: You do understand that E.H. Campbell Trading Company Campus reps are not considered full time employees and that payment comes in the form of discounts, occasional freebies, shout-outs on social media, and you gaining experience in network branding.

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