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Talk about a simple blog post! We were just at a weekend show and decided to add a few more holsters, fashion accessories, and additional items to the site. That means  - PICTURE TIME - which means some fun outdoors taking pics. Sounds dumb, I'm sure to a few people, but picture time also equals family time! We grab some stuff we've made, look for the right setting, light, cold beverages, and start going to work. But - work in this case is fun. Jokes, dogs in the back yard, pictures done eventually, and before you know it - the...

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E.H. Campbell Trading Company is proud to offer the full line of titles from cookbook author and culinary writer Kent "the Deck Chef" Whitaker. Kent is known for his down home style of cooking, grilling, and barbecue. Here are some of the titles by Whitaker, former winner of the Emeril Live / Food Network Barbecue Contest, now available to our customers. The Tennessee Hometown Cookbook The Texas Hometown Cookbook The Mississippi Hometown Cookbook The West Virginia Hometown Cookbook The South Carolina Hometown Cookbook The Alabama Hometown Cookbook The Louisiana Hometown Cookbook Smoke in the Mountains - The Art of Appalachian Style Barbecue Checkered Flag...

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Seems like the rush for Christmas buying this year has begun to slow. We hope we've been able to help everyone that graced us with their trust and purchases.  Now our attention is switching to the kitchen - it's time to bake some cookies and treats for the holidays. Oh, and there's a ham that has to be smoked along with a small turkey. Using a combination of hickory and apple wood for the smoker. Looking for that familiar smoked flavor with a slight taste of the apple. Well, regardless of what we have planned for the Campbell folk, we...

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We decided to test a few products. Well, we were messing around with the Bottle Wrench and some craft beer when the conversation turned to beer bread. Yep, seems like we really needed some bread to go along with the weekend burgers we were planning. So, after several "test" runs of the Bottle Wrench we decided to try a beer bread recipe using one of our local craft beers. The good news is that both the Bottle Wrench the beer bread rocked. The bad news is that we ate the beer bread that night way before our planned grilling session....

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