Ashton's Emergency Holster Photo Shoot

Sometimes you have a grand plan on how you want something to go. For instance, we wanted to saddle up some horses, grab some holsters, and hit one of our favorite country settings. This was all in order to do a photo shoot for the growing line of E.H. Campbell Western Holsters including the designs for packing your legendary Colt "Peacemaker." 

Then it rained, then it rained some more. Then there was sleet, ice, snow, more rain, and even thunderstorms. None of this is a perfect setting. So every time we looked at a date for the shoot Mother Nature decided to play havoc. 

The problem is we really wanted to get these new holsters out into public view and on our website. That's when fate, and Ashton saved the day! 

Ashton, and her father Wes, stopped by the house for a few minutes to say hello. We've known Ashton since she was a little girl who walked over to the house on a weekly, our near daily, basis. Now she lives in another city, is attending college, and the visits have slowed.

In addition to a visit Wes was ordering a new holster. That brought the conversation around to "Ash" wanting some custom leather for her archery rigs and maybe a scabbard. It was great seeing Ashton and the visit was wonderful.... and she was wearing killer boots, jeans, and a really sweet belt.

Thanks to Ashton and Wes for being our emergency E.H. Campbell Western Holster models!

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