The Christmas Rush, Smoked Turkey, and Hot Chocolate

Seems like the rush for Christmas buying this year has begun to slow. We hope we've been able to help everyone that graced us with their trust and purchases. 

Now our attention is switching to the kitchen - it's time to bake some cookies and treats for the holidays. Oh, and there's a ham that has to be smoked along with a small turkey. Using a combination of hickory and apple wood for the smoker. Looking for that familiar smoked flavor with a slight taste of the apple.

Well, regardless of what we have planned for the Campbell folk, we just wanted to remind all of our friends that the holiday is not about "getting" or even "giving." We think it's more of a combination of the to along with a healthy serving of appreciation.

So, say thanks for what you get, always give what you can and what's needed. And, appreciate the moment... as well as family, friends, and even the small stuff. 

We'll be in the shop over the Christmas and holiday season working and filling orders... but... there's a good chance we might be baking some cookies, throwing snowballs if it ever snows, and enjoying a nice fire with some marshmallows and hot chocolate.

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