Working with Recycled, UpCycled Latigo Leather

We thought that using some really nice leather with a vintage distressed look for some wallets was a cool idea. So, we were pretty excited when we figured out a way to use some really... really, nice leather with a vintage distressed look that was destined for the land fill.

Our new E.H. Campbell Rustic Chocolate Latigo Wallet is handcrafted from scrap leather retirements left over from a made in the USA Western Saddle company. The pieces are two small for using for making other saddles so we've worked with the front office to gather up usable pieces before they are scrapped.

The leather is a short run chocolate distressed Latigo Leather specially tanned for our friends at the Western saddle and tack company. They use it for their mot high end saddles as well as some strap goods. The soft texture and feel of the leather is amazing.

While we're there we always pick up a couple of sides of nice leather for projects. The great thing about using leather like this, for any project, is that the saddle builder probably cut around a mark, scratch, or distressed area. We love these minor flaws - it adds character to each item!

We're looking forward to seeing what we come up with fine materials items that are destined for the scrap heap.

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